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"God made the world, but it's held together with duct tape".

Yes there is a site with nothing but a host of plausible uses for DUCT TAPE!

This page is full of resources for Duct Tape users.

Links, famous people who use Duct Tape, and various clever ideas for Duct Tape.


Swiss Army Kid gets Smeared

Yet another Story in which defaming people and the Swiss Army Pocket Knife is becoming popular:

If it were left up to Pablo Farkas, you wouldn’t know his name, except for his exploits on the tennis court. But Farkas had no say in the matter.

He became a news story after the 20-year-old sophomore transfer student and budding tennis star at Emory & Henry College was beaten up by several E&H football players last weekend at a huge off-campus party...

"There’s a lot of people who are passionate about E&H, as you can see," e-mailed one college administrator. "But I thought your story was very fair ... it’s hard to swallow bad news sometimes, but it’s only bad if we don’t choose to learn from it."

Instead of learning from it, however, some college supporters have gone into overdrive to make the victim the villain.

IN FACT, people who don’t know the first thing about Pablo Farkas have turned him into Pablo Escobar (think MedellĂ­n drug cartel). Countless college supporters are defaming Farkas as a knife-wielding thug who put several football players in fear of their lives.

Pure fiction.

It is true that Farkas carries a Swiss Army knife on his key chain. It has a dull blade less than 2 inches long.

He uses the contraption to open beers and trim his nails.

ON THE NIGHT of the party in question, however, Farkas says he was not carrying his Swiss Army knife. During a confrontation with four to five football players, he was reaching into his pocket to answer his cell phone "and they [football players] might of thought it was a knife," Farkas e-mailed me Friday.

The knife story really had its roots in a previous off-campus party in which Farkas is said to have used the Swiss Army knife to open a beer while he was talking to a football player’s girlfriend.

"First off, the whole knife incident is bulls---," Farkas wrote in typical e-mail shorthand, without regard to spelling or punctuation...

"... it does not take 4 to 5 huge football players to subdue little ol me I’m only five seven skinny less than 160 pounds," he wrote...

Farkas concedes he did not back down when confronted by the football players just after midnight on Sept. 23. "... my blood pressure is high and I am having trouble focusing I don’t know why ... oh yeah that’s right I got the holy crap beat out of me, I probably did what all those kids that have gotten picked on all their lives and been pushed around always wanted to do ... yeah I STOOD UP TO THEM ... didn’t kneel which I’m sure some of them are not used to."


NRA for Knife Owners

We all know that Macgyver didn't like guns, but he never promoted an outright BAN on them. Gun Owners have the Constitution, and whether you agree with them or not, everyone has an interest in self-defense, or other issue that is very important to them.

In light of current events, it would be an absurdity to lose the right to own a "Macgyver Knife" yet it seems like an increasing possibility. Some accuse the NRA folks of being gun-nuts and paranoids, but essentially, they are simply trying to protect their rights.

So, how about an NRA for good ole knife owners? Yes there sure it. Eggs-actly!

Here are the mission statements of Knife Rights, Inc., the 501(c)(4) membership advocacy organization, and Knife Rights Foundation, Inc., the 501(c)(3) charitable educational foundation:

Knife Rights is dedicated to:

  1. Providing knife and edged tool owners an effective voice to influence public policy and to oppose efforts to restrict the right to own, use and carry knives and edged tools;

  2. Encouraging safe, responsible and lawful use of knives and edged tools through education and outreach, enhancing positive perceptions of knives and edged tools and their owners and users;

  3. Encouraging the marketing of knives and edged tools in a responsible manner conducive to the organization's goals;

  4. Cooperating with advocacy organizations having complimentary interests and goals;

  5. Providing knife and edged tool owners with services that they will find valuable in order to build membership to enable success in our primary objectives.

Knife Rights Foundation is dedicated to:

  1. Encouraging safe and responsible use of knives and edged tools through education and outreach;

  2. Educating knife owners, public officials and the general public about the history of knives and edged tools;

  3. Educating knife owners, public officials and the general public about knife and edged tool related laws and regulations

Macgyver Dog Saves the Day

Dog Named MacGyver Rescues Owner

A man who was trapped under a heavy piece of equipment said MacGyver helped save his life. MacGyver just happens to be his dog, not the secret agent from the TV show.Last Friday, Bill Kiesbing said he was working on a tractor and front loader when he got stuck in a tight spot."I went to jack up the high loader to get the tractor under it, the hydraulic cylinder shifted on me and the jack fell and pinned me on the ground," Kiesbing told KMBC's Lara Moritz.

Kiesbing said MacGyver, his 6-year-old golden retriever, helped rescue him. MacGyver is a service dog for Kiesbing, who is paralyzed from the waist down."I couldn't get up. The tractor's running, so I hollered for Mac and sent him over to get the neighbor," Kiesbing said. "I told him, 'Go get Van. Go.""MacGyver comes to my door, and he usually comes inside to get something to eat, but that day he didn't want to come inside, so I went outside and heard my neighbor yelling at me," neighbor Van Read said.MacGyver led the neighbor over to Kiesbing."So I came down there and I saw him underneath that bucket -- that was a big problem," Read said.Read helped Kiesbing escape from under the equipment, but MacGyver is getting a lot of the credit."He does a lot of things -- he gets the mail for me, brings me the remote, he has brought me my telephone. He's always around when I need him," Kiesbing said. "Wherever I am, Mac is there. If I'm out here working on something, he's out here laying in the street."Kiesbing said Macgyver is so well trained that he will take an empty Pepsi can into the house and bring a full can back to him.

A time when the "MacGyver Knife" Saved the Day...

There was a time when "911" was a positive number. There was a time when fear didn't rule the world, and the White House. There was a time when a "Swiss Army Knife" was also a wonderful thing... In my opinion, it still is, regardless of the hype and spin, and there are still decent and responsible people in the world. In America, we can still buy the Macgyver Complete Series DVD Box Set, and not fear for our minds, and we can still buy Swiss Army Knives legally at any store that sells them, but I ask long will it be before the spin overtakes us. Macgyver wasn't about making bombs and dangerous weapons, nor was it politcally anti-government or conspiratorial, yet it is increasingly becoming associated with such. In this video, from the time before our own new 'Nine-Eleven,' a Swiss Army Knife on a plane was not a threat, it could save a life:


The future of the Swiss Army Knife...

...appears to be in doubt.

The Swiss army, which is to order a fresh batch of 65,000 of the pocket knives with new specifications, has caused nationwide consternation by declaring that under World Trade Organisation rules, the tendering process must be opened to companies worldwide because of the high value of the contract.

China, which has been producing pirate copies of the knife for years, is thought to have the best chance of winning the contract, which is estimated at 1.7m Swiss francs (£695,000), followed by Taiwan and Bulgaria.

The issue has become one of the hottest political topics of the summer, with far-right politicians saying that national pride is at stake....

It is credited by everyone from balloonists and astronauts to surgeons and pilots with saving lives and is the official pocket knife for 16 armies around the world, including the US military.

It has also prompted many jokes, perceived as it is as the weapon of choice for the military of neutral Switzerland. The US comedian Robin Williams once quipped: "How can you trust an army that has a wine opener on its knife?"

I love my Swiss Army Knife, though thanks to regular travel and a measure of forgetfulness, I'm one of their better customers-- I've had to throw away at least two of them in the last two years, right before getting into airport security lines.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Macgyver Hat: Calgary Flames

Macgyver may not have worn his hats all the time, probably for vanity, but like Magnum, PI, Macgyver did have a favorite ball cap.

The Calgary Flames Hockey Team hat.

He wore both a white and a black version. Now these style hats that he wore are generally an 80s style, and they don't make them anymore. I did however find a white and a black style, which is the most similar to the show. You just can't get the same kind of hats he wore, even on ebay. It was hard enough finding these hats but here they are:

Not an easy one to find, I would suggest getting yours before they go out of production. You can find them at
for about $25. You have to measure your own head to determine the size. Most all other black Calgary Flames hats have red trim or other logos on them.


A solid white Calgary Flames baseball-type hat is even less easy to find. A long and hard search came up with one which still has red trim around vent holes in the top of the hat, but it is the closest thing I've found to even a plain white cap with the Calgary logo on it. Believe me, try and see if you can even find one on ebay yourself!

Macgyver's white hat is basically a 'trucker' type hat with plastic mesh backing, and snap closure. Your best best for an actual replica is to find a "C" Calgary Flames Logo patch and stick it on a plain white trucker hat. These are more modern
than Macgyver wore and are not quite replicas, but does he really, or anyone, look good in a hat like he's wearing? The hat looks pretty good in Trumbo's World:

Stay tuned for more MACGYVER GEAR Updates. I am tracking down the most useful and popular gear that Macgyver used in the show.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Macgyver: Philippines

Macgyver seems to have permeated the culture, even in the Philippines. My Macgyver surfing has turned up some Macgyverism in Philippine culture surprisingly enough:

Kiko Machine (fellow 80s kids) paid him a tribute more than a decade after with a hip Pinoy rock beat aptly entitled McGyver.

Kiko Machine, Kiko Machine

Audio CD
Disk ID: 1391332
Disk length: 57m 7s (14 Tracks)
Original Release Date: 2005
Label: Unknown

Kiko Machine: Mcgyver

Lahat ng problema’y may magagawa sya
Walang imposible, lahat ay kaya
Hindi susuko sa mga loko
Wala pa ring tatalo kay McGyver
Ultimate problem solver

Suka toyo, kaya gawing bomba
Lumang tubo, kayang gawing bazooka
Lumang bumbilya nagagawang granada
Wala pa ring tatalo kay McGyver
Ultimate problem solver

Sarhan man sya ng pintuan
Pilit itong mabubuksan
Ibaon mo man sya sa lupa
Tingnan mo ulit, malamang wala na

[repeat Refrain and Chorus]

[repeat Chorus]

Lahat ng problema’y may magagawa sya
Walang imposible, lahat ay kaya
Hindi susuko sa mga loko
Kahit magsama ka pa ng mga gago

[repeat Refrain]

Wala pa ring tatalo kay McGyver
Ultimate problem solver

Also: There must have been a "Macgyver" Commercial, or rather a commercial using the Macgyver Theme for MANG TOMAS:

"Mang Tomas, All-Around Sarsa - They want us to believe that this popular brand of lechon sauce actually has the same versatility of ketchup and they took a MacGyver mom to endorse this, accompanied by the MacGyver theme in the TV spots. In the commercials, the MacGyver mom offers Mang Tomas as a quick solution to the members of her family, one of whom was looking for ketchup, another for something to eat with leftover rice, and yet another who was looking for some kind of sandwich spread.

According to folk legend, Mang Tomas was actually the one who discovered lechon (the national dish), when he found his prize pig burned to a crisp after a fire burned down his house. Furthermore, Mang Tomas was supposedly an ancestor to the lechon dealers in La Loma, being Mila, Ping Ping, etc. I first heard the legend from a maid when I was young, who poorly explained it to me (thanks to a language problem), leaving me to believe that Mang Tomas was actually the one who got burned to a crisp. It was a confusing situation I found myself in, noting that we kept using a sauce that had cannibalistic overtones. Moreover, why was Mang Tomas even smiling on the label? It just wasn't right for somebody who got roasted alive to be commemorated on a food label smiling and sporting a salakot, looking like a happy Katipunero."

Friday, September 28, 2007

Macgyver vs. Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer, as played by Kiefer Sutherland on the TV Show, "24" is the psychopathic, torturing 'hero' agent who stops terror threats, not with his mind, not with his wits, not with his Swiss Army Knife, cleverness, duct tape or even principles, but with his fists and bullets, and sometimes more disturbing methods.

Macgyver, is the non-gun toting thinking-man, who with his people skills is able to defuse situations as well as bombs.

Okay, these are fantasy shows, fiction. However, the heroics of the fictional character, Macgyver, played by Richard Dean Anderson are more principled, moral and intelligent. Both shows are lacking in reality in some areas, and there can be no doubt that the situations depicted in both come with serious flaws, but the principles of Macgyver soar far above the sewer of amoral hypotheticals of "24."

In one episode of Macgyver, Angus Macgyver while in Romania confronts a trained killer, one of Ceaucescu's mindless thugs. He is given the opportunity to take his life, but instead attempts to reason with the man, by rising above him, attempting to teach the man a lesson in life, not through brutality, but through humanity. This mindless death-squad thug is more like Jack Bauer than Macgyver, and my comment here is that something has seriously gone astray, when this 'Jack Bauer' can even be called a hero.

Both shows involve dangerous plots by various terrorists and tyrants, and Macgyver, as the Agent, must save the day.

The lesson of Macgyver, is just how he succeeds, and the territory of conscience and principles. It doesn't attempt to frighten you with possible terrorist scenarios with overblown drama, and does operate close to the realm of the far-fetched A-Team, but the Tyrants and Terrorists in Macgyver are based on the same types of figures of current events that "24" is. Macgyver was battling terrorists way back in the 80's when Kiefer Sutherland was just a thug in a Stephen King movie. Macgyver also fought commies. Someone will say, "Macgyver is weak on terror."

Macgyver is stronger on terror than the Jack Bauers of the world, because in the show, he doesn't try to simply defuse the bomb, but the circumstances which led people to put that bomb into place.

Much is made out of Macgyver making explosives out of chewing gum, but in most episodes, he was defusing bombs, not making them, and he never killed anyone with any of his own improvised explosives, nor did he torture or beat anyone to death. Much was made of the fact that the people who did that were fascists, or commies.

Student's Life Ruined for Having Swiss Army Knife?

Okay folks, this is insane. More "Homeland Insecurity" from the same kind of folks who continue trying to ruin the good name of Macgyver by calling criminals' pipe bombs "Macgyver Bombs" as if Macgyver is the real inspiration for pyromania.

Swiss Army Knife In Cobb School Parking Lot Should Not Be Prosecuted

County's 'Zero Tolerance' Program Ensnares Another Student

Atlanta, GA (September 5, 2007) – Former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr today blasted school officials in Cobb County, Georgia, a northwest suburb of Atlanta, for seeking to bring felony charges against a 12th grade student, Wilford Ray Chandler, Jr., for simply having a small Swiss Army knife in his car in a school parking lot at Wheeler High School.

Okay, so a kid has a swiss army knife, they're not illegal, they're not illegal for people under 18 to own, and let's not investigate the student, let's just blanket call him a 'terrorist' for having one...At least someone is willing to speak out against this tyranny:

"The student posed no threat to anyone, and he was not using the knife in any threatening manner," Barr noted, "in fact, he was not using the knife at all - it was simply in his car." "Trying to ruin a student's career before it even begins, by treating such an innocuous activity as having a Swiss Army pocketknife in a car, is nothing short of an unthinking, stupid, and vindictive exercise of government power," Barr, a former federal prosecutor, said.

So, are Boy Scouts also included in the Terror watch list now too? This kind of crap has gone too far. Anyone who has watched the show, "Macgyver" will tell you exactly what Macgyver would do...he would talk to the student, not smear him, not have him arrested, and perhaps use the circumstance as an opportunity to teach. Modern fear-mongering fascists are a bigger threat than a student who has a swiss army knife, watches Macgyver or even kids who endanger themselves with risky pyrotechnics. There won't be a decent country to live in when this happens:
School Guards Break Child's Arm And Arrest Her For Dropping Cake Pandemic of police and security violence continues unabated

Macgyver Trail to Doomsday, Lost Treasure of Atlantis on DVD

Movies Unlimited has listed the new Paramount Macgyver Complete Series DVDs as including the two sought after Macgyver TV Movies,

"Special collection includes the boxed sets of seasons one through seven of "MacGyver," plus the 1994 made-for-TV movies "Lost Treasure of Atlantis" and "Trail to Doomsday."

I must add however, that I have had bad experiences with this company when I purchased their DVD of 1984 starring David Niven.

They sent me a disc scratched to hell, AND it was a DVD-R with a crappy sticker on it. I called them to tell them I didn't want a scratched disc, and they acted like they could care less. They said for me to send it back for a replacement which I did. I had told them that the box was also damaged, and that it arrived unsealed.

They sent the same disc that was scratched back to me in a brand new box! Go figure. I let loose on them on the phone and they acted like "what's the big deal?"

Needless to say, I will never buy from these morons ever again, and I strongly advise you from buying any of their stuff either.

see also: Macgyver Complete Series Math

Macgyver Soundtrack?

There is no Macgyver Soundtrack. I repeat: There is no Macgyver Soundtrack currently available.

I bought this piece of crap "Soundtrack" on ebay. I immediately turned around and resold it as soon as I listened to it.

There is no music from the series on this CD. I can't say what the hell this is from but it isn't from Macgyver.

Not a single track even remotely resembles anything from Macgyver. It has weird clips from somebody speaking in German, and saying the name "Macgyver." It isn't techno music, it sounds like the worst crappy 80s synthesizer music you've ever heard. I would avoid this CD at all costs, no matter what company lists it as "The Macgyver Soundtrack." If you can buy it for a dollar, that's about all its worth. Maybe its from the german version of Macgyver, or something else I don't know of, but do not buy this crap from any company, or on ebay. First of all anyone who thinks this guy on the cover even remotely looks like Richard Dean Anderson is crazy, and what in hell is "Macgyver" doing with an AK-47? (Let alone
riding a missile.)

As far as I know there has never been an official or unofficial "Macgyver" soundtrack. We do wish there was, but until then, this crappy CD will never do, no matter how much you like Macgyver.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Macgyver Top Ten Lists

Check out these Macgyver Top Ten Lists:

Macgyver Online Flash Game

Check out this online flash-game.


Macgyver Lighter

Macgyver Lighter?

This lighter was purchased on ebay.

My product review: CRAP!

Inside the lighter says: "NOT A ZIPPO MADE IN CHINA" if this is any clue to you.

Basically this piece of crap is a cheap fake zippo, that doesn't work half the time, won't flip open like a zippo, and has a cheap sticker on the front. This sticker will fall apart and chaff off while in your jeans pocket.

I don't recommend it at all.

Perhaps one should buy a magnifying lens or wooden stick matches, or use an actual Macgyverism to start a fire...

Or you could go all out, and get a real Zippo lighter, here are a few options:

The Victorinox Zippo lighter.

Good luck trying to get one of these.

Most of these lighters are only available overseas.
Don't ask me why. Don't give those ebay thieves your money, you probably can find one somewhere on the internet cheaper than 200-300 dollars than the ones you'll find on ebay.

Then there's this WENGER Lighter, which once again is hard to find. (Go figure, do these companies want to sell us their stuff or not?)

"Zippo Top"

Wenger WL1 Lighter

This one is more readily available, and we actually have a name for it. Comes in red, black, etc.


Yet another nearly impossible to find cool lighter, what the hell is wrong with these companies?

The Ultimate Macgyver TV Show Website


Mika Laasonen's MACGYVER Website is perhaps the best Macgyver website on the internet. He has a well organized and unbelievably complete and detailed episode guide, with pictures and other incredible features. All awards go to Mika, above all other Magyver sites.

Check out the website now!

Macgyver Sunglasses

Macgyver's Sunglasses:

One pair of sunglasses Macgyver is often seen wearing are the familiar Aviator style sunglasses. There is no way to be sure what brand he actually used in the series, but there are two high quality brands that we recommend.


GENERAL Aviator Sunglasses


AVIATOR Sunglasses

Both types of sunglasses from both companies are high quality lenses and frames, and most likely one of these two were used in the show.

Macgyver For President 2008

Macgyver Launches HALO 3: Richard Dean Anders in Ireland

Richard Dean Anderson launches the video game HALO 3 for Microsoft, in Ireland:

"We are bringing Richard Dean Anderson to Ireland, which will be his first time in the country, for the launch as the characters he has played such as MacGyver are heroes and pop culture phenomenons like Master Chief.

"Both are ordinary individuals who, despite in surmountable odds, have stepped up to the challenge to come out of extraordinary situations."

MacGyver Rocks


Over the following weeks, we will provide you with a special MACGYVER GEAR search Update. In each update, we'll tell you where you can get great Macgyver stuff like Macgyver's Jacket, Knives and clothing like the ones used in the TV series. Everything Macgyver really had in the show, from replica props to the same kind of gear he really used. Stay tuned!

Macgyver Complete Series DVD Set Math

Paramount to release the Complete Series set of MACGYVER on DVD, October 16th, 2007.

There is nothing confirmed as to whether there will be any special features, or the two Macgyver TV Movies: LOST TREASURE OF ATLANTIS, TRAIL TO DOOMSDAY.

This will most certainly upset Macgyver fans if these two movies are not released on DVD soon.

There is some speculation from some internet posters that the running time of the series, 110 hours and 23 minutes might be longer the 139 episode series actual running time.

6623 minutes = stated running time
6255 minutes = 139 x 45min episodes

There appears to be a 368 minute discrepancy.

Lost Treasure of Atlantis = 93 Minutes
Trail to Doomsday = 93 Minutes
Total = 186 minutes

still 200 minutes left!

Perhaps there is something I'm missing, or there is a mistake in estimated running time, or there are actually some bonus features, plus the the movies, but how do they arrive at this running time for 139 45-minute episodes?

Duck Macgyver!

Duck Tape!, the website for the company that makes DUCK Brand tape has their own Macgyverism-Duct-Tape uses page. Find out many possible creative uses of duct tape, from the makes of "DUCK TAPE!"

"As you probably know by now, duct tape has many uses. The following ideas have been submitted by users of duct tape. We hope that you use duct tape wisely; however in the event your duct tape enthusiasm outweighs your common sense, our lawyers would like to remind you that, "Every consumer needs to evaluate and determine whether duct tape is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for the user's method of application."

Americans Want Macgyver!

"In the survey, commissioned by the McCormick Tribune Foundation, participants were given a choice among seven fictional heroes for help in an emergency.

Twenty seven per cent of respondents said they would want MacGyver to help them out should disaster strike."

Viva Macgyver!

Welcome to the new VIVA MACGYVER! BLOG!

This blog will review products, score useful information and news involving the world of Macgyver, Macgyverism, and related subjects, movies, books, media, etc.