Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Macgyver Complete Series DVD Set Math

Paramount to release the Complete Series set of MACGYVER on DVD, October 16th, 2007.

There is nothing confirmed as to whether there will be any special features, or the two Macgyver TV Movies: LOST TREASURE OF ATLANTIS, TRAIL TO DOOMSDAY.

This will most certainly upset Macgyver fans if these two movies are not released on DVD soon.

There is some speculation from some internet posters that the running time of the series, 110 hours and 23 minutes might be longer the 139 episode series actual running time.

6623 minutes = stated running time
6255 minutes = 139 x 45min episodes

There appears to be a 368 minute discrepancy.

Lost Treasure of Atlantis = 93 Minutes
Trail to Doomsday = 93 Minutes
Total = 186 minutes

still 200 minutes left!

Perhaps there is something I'm missing, or there is a mistake in estimated running time, or there are actually some bonus features, plus the the movies, but how do they arrive at this running time for 139 45-minute episodes?


Rockatteer said...

Well the set is out now and it does contain the 2 movies, however there are strong concerns about VERY poor quality of presentation for this set, no protection of any kind for the disks, different sets (old and new) mixed together. It looks like Paramount have just thrown the set together from left over disks as a way to get rid of them. Very disappointing.

Theres a big discussion about this set as well as some pictures taken by one of the members at

The Sports Fanatics said...

Do you know anywhere where I can buy the 2 TV movies without having to buy the whole series?