Friday, September 28, 2007

Macgyver Soundtrack?

There is no Macgyver Soundtrack. I repeat: There is no Macgyver Soundtrack currently available.

I bought this piece of crap "Soundtrack" on ebay. I immediately turned around and resold it as soon as I listened to it.

There is no music from the series on this CD. I can't say what the hell this is from but it isn't from Macgyver.

Not a single track even remotely resembles anything from Macgyver. It has weird clips from somebody speaking in German, and saying the name "Macgyver." It isn't techno music, it sounds like the worst crappy 80s synthesizer music you've ever heard. I would avoid this CD at all costs, no matter what company lists it as "The Macgyver Soundtrack." If you can buy it for a dollar, that's about all its worth. Maybe its from the german version of Macgyver, or something else I don't know of, but do not buy this crap from any company, or on ebay. First of all anyone who thinks this guy on the cover even remotely looks like Richard Dean Anderson is crazy, and what in hell is "Macgyver" doing with an AK-47? (Let alone
riding a missile.)

As far as I know there has never been an official or unofficial "Macgyver" soundtrack. We do wish there was, but until then, this crappy CD will never do, no matter how much you like Macgyver.


koolsonic said...

gee...tks so much! i was having a plan of buying this,but then again,after reading your post i won't definitely buy it for any reason..hahaha

爵聲 said...

thank you!!!
your commentary is very brilliant.
sorry my english is not good!!!