Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Macgyver Sunglasses

Macgyver's Sunglasses:

One pair of sunglasses Macgyver is often seen wearing are the familiar Aviator style sunglasses. There is no way to be sure what brand he actually used in the series, but there are two high quality brands that we recommend.


GENERAL Aviator Sunglasses


AVIATOR Sunglasses

Both types of sunglasses from both companies are high quality lenses and frames, and most likely one of these two were used in the show.


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Alex Mart said...

You are right that the ripoff is in the frames. The majority of inexpensive (not cheaply made) frames are made in China and are purchased in bulk for very little money. The

expensive frames are still made in Switzerland/Italy/France but they are not worth the price. I have access to significant discounts on these designer frames and I still

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