Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Macgyver Lighter

Macgyver Lighter?

This lighter was purchased on ebay.

My product review: CRAP!

Inside the lighter says: "NOT A ZIPPO MADE IN CHINA" if this is any clue to you.

Basically this piece of crap is a cheap fake zippo, that doesn't work half the time, won't flip open like a zippo, and has a cheap sticker on the front. This sticker will fall apart and chaff off while in your jeans pocket.

I don't recommend it at all.

Perhaps one should buy a magnifying lens or wooden stick matches, or use an actual Macgyverism to start a fire...

Or you could go all out, and get a real Zippo lighter, here are a few options:

The Victorinox Zippo lighter.

Good luck trying to get one of these.

Most of these lighters are only available overseas.
Don't ask me why. Don't give those ebay thieves your money, you probably can find one somewhere on the internet cheaper than 200-300 dollars than the ones you'll find on ebay.

Then there's this WENGER Lighter, which once again is hard to find. (Go figure, do these companies want to sell us their stuff or not?)

"Zippo Top"

Wenger WL1 Lighter

This one is more readily available, and we actually have a name for it. Comes in red, black, etc.


Yet another nearly impossible to find cool lighter, what the hell is wrong with these companies?

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