Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Swiss Army Kid gets Smeared

Yet another Story in which defaming people and the Swiss Army Pocket Knife is becoming popular:

If it were left up to Pablo Farkas, you wouldn’t know his name, except for his exploits on the tennis court. But Farkas had no say in the matter.

He became a news story after the 20-year-old sophomore transfer student and budding tennis star at Emory & Henry College was beaten up by several E&H football players last weekend at a huge off-campus party...

"There’s a lot of people who are passionate about E&H, as you can see," e-mailed one college administrator. "But I thought your story was very fair ... it’s hard to swallow bad news sometimes, but it’s only bad if we don’t choose to learn from it."

Instead of learning from it, however, some college supporters have gone into overdrive to make the victim the villain.

IN FACT, people who don’t know the first thing about Pablo Farkas have turned him into Pablo Escobar (think MedellĂ­n drug cartel). Countless college supporters are defaming Farkas as a knife-wielding thug who put several football players in fear of their lives.

Pure fiction.

It is true that Farkas carries a Swiss Army knife on his key chain. It has a dull blade less than 2 inches long.

He uses the contraption to open beers and trim his nails.

ON THE NIGHT of the party in question, however, Farkas says he was not carrying his Swiss Army knife. During a confrontation with four to five football players, he was reaching into his pocket to answer his cell phone "and they [football players] might of thought it was a knife," Farkas e-mailed me Friday.

The knife story really had its roots in a previous off-campus party in which Farkas is said to have used the Swiss Army knife to open a beer while he was talking to a football player’s girlfriend.

"First off, the whole knife incident is bulls---," Farkas wrote in typical e-mail shorthand, without regard to spelling or punctuation...

"... it does not take 4 to 5 huge football players to subdue little ol me I’m only five seven skinny less than 160 pounds," he wrote...

Farkas concedes he did not back down when confronted by the football players just after midnight on Sept. 23. "... my blood pressure is high and I am having trouble focusing I don’t know why ... oh yeah that’s right I got the holy crap beat out of me, I probably did what all those kids that have gotten picked on all their lives and been pushed around always wanted to do ... yeah I STOOD UP TO THEM ... didn’t kneel which I’m sure some of them are not used to."


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